Important Tips For Traveling with Food Allergic Child

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Childhood food allergies can be fatal. If your child can understand food allergy and how it can affect his health then make sure your child knows and fully understands the foods they are allergic to and what is going to happen when they eat that kind of food.

How to make Traveling with Food Allergic Child Smooth and Easy

If you are traveling to visit a family member or hang out in friend’s house, make them fully understand the type of allergy your child has and make sure that they will read every label on any food cans they are going to use that day.

Traveling with Food Allergic Child
Traveling with Food Allergic Child

Some airlines list flight meals on their website so make sure you read it and also large number of airlines provides special meals for anyone suffers from any kind of food allergies, if you ask them in advance, so check from their website or call them for more specific details.

Home made snacks 

Make many home made snacks that your child likes to avoid buying food from food stands or cafes.

If you ran out of snacks and forced to eat outside, be sure to ask the waiter/waitress  about the ingredients and avoid food stands and any kind of at the corner restaurants.

Also, both you and your child must know how to say the name of the food that triggers the allergy and its severity in the language of the visited country.

The child suffering from the food allergy should wear a medical alert bracelet all the time, for any situation forced the child’s parents not to be in the picture for any reason.

Allergy Medication

Carry your child’s allergy medication and emergency injections with you at any given time.

The medications could save your child life if the allergic food reach him despite of all our precautions.

Keep doctor’s phone number and local emergency numbers in the reach of your hands.

Traveling with Food Allergic Child
Printed Cards For Allergy

Consider buying a printed cards with your child’s food allergy information printed on them.

You can search that kind of cards from the Internet or you can print it yourself by the native language of the visited country.