10 Things to do in Amsterdam : the most important historic art

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Things to do in Amsterdam is countless, Amsterdam is an attractive fusion of ancient and avant-garde, Amsterdam is a beautiful city of creative heritage. Take a walk along the cobbled streets and peaceful canals and you can seem a million miles from the dynamic nightlife on every corner.

10 Things to do in Amsterdam

  1. Dam Square

Dam Square is the center of the city and located on the site of the original Amstel dam. The main point of the Square is the Royal Palace. It’s originally the town hall, it became majestic place following Louis Napoleon’s crowning back in 1808.

things to do in Amsterdam
Dam square


  1. Anne Frank’s House

It’s as famous as the Square, Anne Frank’s house provides a constant reminder of Nazi occupation in the Second World War. Her famous diary is still there; be prepared to very long line as it gets very crowded during the tourist season.

things to do in Amsterdam
Anne Frank’s house


  1. Rijksmuseum

The phenomenal Rijksmuseum is hosting some of the most important historic art in the world. Perhaps the most spectacular pieces here are that by Rembrandt; the works of Frans Hals and Vermeer also feature prominently.


things to do in Amsterdam


  1. Van Gogh Museum

Another breath taking demonstration of fine art is displayed in the Van Gogh Museum. The museum hosts many of his finest pieces, the Van Gogh Museum is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh work in the world.


things to do in Amsterdam
Van Gogh museum


  1. Albert Cuypmarkt

If you are a shopping addict then go to full fill your need at the Albert Cuypmarkt which offers just about everything you could wish to buy. This cosmopolitan shopping region will provide your credit card fix.

things to do in Amsterdam
Albert Cuypmarkt


  1. Queen’s Day

A sight to behold, Queen’s Day is the celebration of all that is gay and lesbian. Music is played from every corner, as what seems to be that the entire world’s gay population come to invade Amsterdam.


  1. Vondelpark Summer

This summer festival is held between June and August and features all forms of entertainment including open air concerts, theatre and cabaret. The fun is enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages.


things to do in Amsterdam
Vondelpark Summer


  1. Holland Festival

The Dutch certainly enjoy their festivals; this is the biggest annual arts event in the country and continues for three weeks during the month of June.


  1. Dutch Clogs

You cannot visit Holland without trying one a pair of their famous wooden clogs. Other unique souvenirs include Dutch dolls and Delft pottery, cheese and the famous windmills are also very popular.

things to do in Amsterdam
Dutch Clogs
  1. Grand Cafes

Amsterdam cafes are all over the city. Take a break and try the erwtensoep (local pea soup).