Myrtle Beach attractions : Golf capital of the world

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On the eastern edge of South Carolina, lies the most obvious Myrtle beach attractions the gorgeous sandy Beach of Myrtle. Here you’ll be sure to have a vacation that will suit everyone in your family. Whether you prefer to camp or stay in a resort type hotel, there’s plenty of choices to suit everyone and activities that will ensure that everyone has something to do.

Myrtle Beach attractions
Myrtle Beach

What are the main Myrtle Beach attractions?

1. Sand and sea

For the kids, the beach is the perfect place to be. Here they’ll have fun enjoying clean beaches that reach down into the Atlantic Ocean, some of the beaches have many kind of entertainment, like Myrtle waves aqua park, Wonderwork, Ripley’s Aquarium and Broadway at the Beach, so it’s just a matter of finding the right one that fits your kids the best, then you can settle down to relax while they are playing and having fun.

Myrtle Beach
Aqua Park

2. Shopping

Once they’ve had enough sand and sea for the day, you can take them for shopping in the shopping areas. Myrtle Beach is home to a number of retail outlet malls offering discounts and bargains on their goods to take home as your vacation souvenirs.


3. Golf capital of the world

Apart from the sand, Myrtle Beach has something else in abundance which is 100 golf courses. It’s difficult to go anywhere in the Myrtle Beach area without passing by a golfing green. There are golf courses to suit every kind of player from a beginner to tournament standard, so be sure that you’ll find a game somewhere will suite you.

Myrtle Beach
Golf Courses

4. Dinner shows at night

In the evening, tourists in Myrtle Beach can turn their attention to the nightlife of the Myrtle Beach attractions, there are a number of dinner shows that are sure to leave a lasting memory with the whole family,

5. Musical places

Whether it’s a musical extravaganza at the Carolina Opry, or the Alabama Theater, or a four course feast and floor show at the Dixie Stampede, you’re bound to return to your home with some familiar tunes in your head.

Myrtle Beach
Musical events

Myrtle Beach is a great old fashioned holiday suits the entire family, so if you haven’t decided where to go on your next vacation, Myrtle Beach could be the perfect choice.