Important Tips For How To Plan A Business Trip To Russia

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  Russia considered as the largest country in the world and also has an unlimited potentials in almost everything especially in Moscow ,which is the capital and center of Russia’s economy, culture, and education, with over 13 million residents and fascinating history.


How To Plan A Business Trip To Russia

Due to the country’s stable economic growth and unlimited potentials, an increasing number of multinational companies have set up many shops in Moscow, bringing a huge number of business tourists to the city.

Despite the city’s size and complexity, and taking in mind the country’s difficult language and unique culture, make Moscow hard to navigate for tourists by themselves.

So, here are some tips to help you in your business trip.

Tips For How To Plan A Business Trip To Russia

  •  Choose your accommodations in advance and carefully:

The difference between a successful and a disastrous business trip is determined by the place you are intending to stay in.

Your best choice is to choose a business class, serviced apartment rental in Moscow.

A short term rental will provides you with the equipment you need to stay connected and get your job done, like a printer, a scanner, WI FI connection, an Internet and a fax.

How to choose a perfect rental in Moscow 

When selecting a Moscow rental, make sure to look for rentals in the upscale Arbat area in Moscow, within the Garden Ring Road.

It is a very safe area, and close to supermarkets, stores, restaurants, financial institutions, and also embassies.

  • Getting through Passport control by full airport VIP services:

It’s easy to become annoyed by the busy lines and procedures at passport control and customs.

If you chooses your accommodation right, the other services of apartment rental companies is to schedule, for you, a full airport VIP services, Fast Track check in, and also a business lounge access.

How To Plan A Business Trip To Russia
Passport Control in Russia
  • Visa Registration:

Russia has very strict regulations for tourists. So not only do you have to register when you arrive in Moscow, but if you intend to visit other cities, you have to register there too.

If you are staying in a short term rental, the Western company that manages the rental should be able to assist you in following and applying the endless visa requirements.

How To Plan A Business Trip To Russia
Business Visa
  • Airport and Train Transfers:

There are four major airports and nine train stations in Moscow, and also the world’s biggest Metro system.

Also you can find that kind of services in your rentals company in Moscow, it can help you to book an airport or a train station transportation tickets.


  • Taxi and Transport Services:

If you welling to visit any of the popular tourist destinations in Russia, it’s wise to select a reliable taxi and transport service. It’s helpful to be able to rely on Westerners, who can arrange for you to book an hourly taxi.


  • Deal with Western owned companies:

Choose to work with a company that is Western owned. An English-speaking company’s staff will help you in ensuring that your stay in Moscow goes smoothly.

Keep in mind to have a business card printed in Russian as a sign of respect.

With the right planning, and considering our tips in how to plan a business trip to Russia, your trip is going to be productive and enjoyable in the same time.