How To Baby Proof Your Hotel Room In 10 Steps

How To Baby Proof Your Hotel Room | Rahhala |

After a long flight or drive a quiet night in a hotel room will be just perfect. But not from the toddler perspective, unfortunately.

If you don’t want to wake up in a missed up room decorated with a master piece done by your baby with his signature by the hotel items present everywhere in the room.

How To Baby Proof Your Hotel Room
Secure any Free Electrical Outlets

How to baby proof your hotel room before going to sleep

  1.  Take any item that can be sprayed or spilled, like soaps and shampoos, and move it out of reach.
  2.   Move any toxic or messy substances you brought with you out of reach, like medications.
  3.   Check the dresser and drawers, for any thing left in the room that could be torn up, or be harmful like pins or batteries.
  4.   Bring with you a pack of baby electrical outlet plugs, so that you can lock any free electrical outlets.
  5.   Check for lamp power cords that reach out where small fingers can hold on to them or any wires in the room. you don’t need any extra fees for broken items.
  6.   Consider blocking off an area with luggage to give your baby a small space for free playing.
  7.   Always keep the bathroom door shut all the time.
  8.   Make sure the child can’t open the room front door, and if he can, make sure it’s locked from the inside.
  9.   Make sure that all windows are locked and can’t be opened.
  10.  Put billows at both sides of the bed, considering you are tired from the journey and will be in a deep sleep.
How To Baby Proof Your Hotel Room
Secure the front door

It’s much easier to contain the child in the first place, than the regrets and the mess clean up after.

Half an hour of organizing will be fair enough to guarantee that everyone in the family can spend a safe and comfortable night in the hotel room.