Hollywood Blvd | The misunderstanding of Hollywood Boulevard

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Anyone visiting California who is not a huge fan of movies and celebrities can’t exclude Hollywood Boulevard – Hollywood Blvd from the planned journey to California.

The misunderstanding of Hollywood Blvd

The reality of Hollywood Boulevard are far away from most people think of, the main problem is that when anyone think about Hollywood Blvd, they only think of the charm and glamour of the celebrities whose stars decorating the footpath, they don’t associate the area with the movie industry, where costumes, make up and scenery take place and shape.

Hollywood blvd
Hollywood walk of fame

That doesn’t mean that you won’t meet a celebrity on the Hollywood Blvd street, but if you meet them in their everyday clothes you won’t recognize them at all.

Hollywood Blvd tourists destination

Over many years Hollywood Blvd has been fall into a great misuse of its potential, but recently it started to be transformed once again, so there are now a number of things for tourists to do other than the famous star footpath.

1. Fredericks of Hollywood’s Lingerie Museum

One of the more fun things is Fredericks of Hollywood’s Lingerie Museum, here you’ll find a demonstration of undergarments that was worn throughout many years, as well as some more modern examples that have been worn by some of Hollywood’s famous faces.

Hollywood blvd
Fredericks Lingerie Museum

2. Hollywood Entertainment Museum

If you are interested in television sets, a visit to the Hollywood Entertainment Museum will reveal familiar sets from old shows such as the X-files.

Hollywood blvd
Hollywood Entertainment Museum

3. The Kodak Theater

No trip to this place will be a complete visit without having a visit to the Kodak Theater, the home of the Academy Awards, You’ll need to get there very early to make sure you get a ticket to go inside, but once you get in, it won’t matter what you thought of the Boulevard itself, the glamour of the theater is everything any movie lover could hope to find.

Hollywood blvd
Kodak Theater

If you’re going to Hollywood Blvd for the purpose of having a photo of you and your family taken next to your favorite actor’s star on the footpath, then you must get the star map to save your time searching for each star.