Graceland tours : The Legend still there!

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Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee is the home of the late King, and his final resting place, Graceland tours gives an insight into how the man lived behind the stage.

From the beautiful entrance to the famous Jungle Room, Graceland is everything you imagine it to be.

Graceland tours

Graceland tours start across the road from the grounds themselves, where Elvis and his parents where buried, Here you will find everything Elvis from the tacky to the collectible.

Graceland tours
Jungle Room

From record stores to museums housing Elvis memories such as his collection of cars, and the Lisa Marie, his private jet. One of the simplest souvenirs is to send a postcard home from the Graceland post office, this will have a Graceland postmark on it and so becomes an instant souvenir. Your ticket into Graceland doesn’t usually include admittance to the other Elvis museums so if you want to see “everything” be prepared to pay for it.

graceland tours
The Lisa Marie Elvis Private Jet

Free Graceland attractions

One Graceland attraction that’s free to tourists is the sight of those famous musically decorated gates. When Elvis fans lined up hoping to get a look of what was happening on the days following his death? As the bus that takes you across to the house approaches, the gates open and you are admitted into this once very private estate.

graceland tours
Graceland Gates

Apart from the main house, there’s also a demonstration of Elvis’s stage clothes and other personal items, including his wall of “Records”, and the grounds behind the house where Elvis and his parents are laid to rest.

graceland tours
Elvis Costumes and Gold Records


Even today, many years after his death, there are fresh flowers sent to the estate in a regular basis by many of Elvis fan clubs and associations which are put on display.


graceland tours
Elvis and his parents graves

Graceland is a home where a King once ruled, but even though his body may have long since past, his presence amidst the contrasting beauty and garishness is still felt today. If you’re an Elvis fan, this is one place you must see if you’re in the Memphis