Disney wait times | How To Avoid Long Lines At Disneyland

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If there’s one thing that many visitors at Disneyland find annoying or frustrating, is the long Disney wait times for the rides. You can literally spend all the day standing waiting for the Disney wait time to get shortened and it seems it doesn’t.


Disney wait times

How to get over Disney wait times and also avoid Disney long lines


To avoid the long Disney wait time wasted in stuck in at long lines, is to purchase FastPass tickets for the rides that offer them. Do this early in the morning to make sure that you get to ride those rides earlier in the day.


Disney wait times
FastPass tickets


ride many of the beloved and popular rides later in the evening, while most of people are having fun at the entertainment shows. Disneyland has nightly entertainment, and this is the perfect time to find shorter lines. Of course, it will mean that you will miss the entertainment, so if you are deciding to stay in Disneyland for a few days, you can always plan to attend the nightly entertainment on the last day of your trip, it’s the perfect way for you to end your vacation.


Disney wait times
Disney wait times


Of Course avoid going to Disneyland during busy times, such as between Christmas and New year, the summer months, or on Saturdays.  Any kind of holiday will make the Disney wait time become longer.


You’ll have to get to the park early. The lines of course are shorter in the morning when the park first opens. Instead of jumping in line for the first ride you see after your entrance, go ahead for the rides that you really love and want to ride the most, the most popular rides, which includes “Indiana Jones,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Matterhorn,” “Thunder Mountain,” “Haunted Mansion,” and “Splash Mountain”.

Disney wait times
Indiana Jones ride


Last but not least there are a lot of websites that are giving day to day informations about Disneyland such as mouseplanet.com or laughingplace.com. These sites can help you planning the perfect plan of attack, by providing the best times to visit, which rides you should visit first, how to get low price tickets and etc.

Disney wait times
Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Planning your holiday, carefully, to the happiest place on earth ever, is becoming more critical every year,so try to avoid long lineup as it will have great impact on your overall experience and also your wallet.