Colorado National Monument : The Perfect Place For Outdoor Wedding

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Under the supervision of the National Park Service is The Colorado National Monument which is located near The Grand Junction City.

It’s a huge landscape, also containing large variety of wildlife like the golden eagles, coyotes, desert bighorn sheep and many other animals, beside plants and rocks.

It’s one of ten national parks present in the Colorado plateau.

Colorado National Monument
Sunset at The Colorado National Monument

It also contains many activities, like:

Biking, hiking, bicycling, horse riding activities and camping, it also has a gift shop and a natural history museum too.

Colorado National Monument main attractions

1. The Monument Canyon

Which is the most big feature in the Colorado National Monument, holds many spectacular rock formations, must see while sunrise or sunset to see the reflection of the sun light on the canyon multicolored rocks.

2. The Grand Mesa

Which is the largest flat mountain in the world.

3. The Kissing couple

Which is a tower, its top looking just like two couples are kissing, it is used for rock climbing activities.


Colorado National Monument
The Kissing Couple


4. Many trails

Suitable for hiking, camping and bicycling, like :

  • Monument canyon trail, most popular trail, almost 5 mile long and provide s gorgeous close view of the monument.
  • Serpents trail, also one of the most popular trails and provide s a great view of the monument and the grand valley too.
  • Devil’s Kitchen trail, popular trail for families especially with young children, because it is only one mile long

5. Coke ovens

was built back in the 19th century close to a coal mining area, for the refining purposes, and after 10 years was closed.

Colorado National Monument
The Coke Ovens

6. Tour of the Moon

The Tour of the Moon Cycling Classic is taking place at the Grand Junction and is considered as one of the premier bicycling road rides in the western United States, and has marvelous landscape view.
Colorado National Monument
Tour Of The Moon

Perfect wedding spot for a geologist

Any couple have a passion for an outdoor wedding, especially geology lovers, the Colorado National Monument allows anyone to do his wedding ceremony there, at certain locations within its boundaries.

But remember to ask the visitor center of the monument in advance, because it has a limited number for guests, fees and other requirements.