Did You Know The Cheapest Way To Travel Overseas? (Tips)

Cheapest way to travel overseas | Rahhala |

One of the famous answers of why you are not traveling abroad or even traveling to a nearby country, is that I don’t have enough money!

What about helping you getting and enjoying it cost-effectively?

Yes, It is true. You’ll have the same excitement of any tourist yet with spending less money.

Cheapest way to travel overseas
Travel Overseas

Cheapest way to travel overseas

  • Find out alternative routes:

Consider a combination of two flights, it’s more cheaper than one direct flight, sometimes.

For example, if you’re planning to go overseas, it will be much cheaper if you’re willing to make a domestic flight first, for the closest town with a closer airport for example, before switching to an international flight.

  • Travel in the “off-season” season:

Consider traveling in the off-season period, especially when it’s time to back to school and around exams. And always avoid the summer and Christmas vacations. It’s much cheaper.

Cheapest way to travel overseas
Travel off-season
  • Shopping for food in local supermarkets:

You can reduce your food cost by buying healthy snacks and fresh food from local markets. It is cheaper than stopping for lunch at a dinning restaurant.

If you still want to have a dinner out, it’s best to go to a local small restaurants, you’ll experience more local cultural atmosphere and get cheaper local food.

Cheapest way to travel overseas
Local Supermarkets
  • Renting an apartment:

That’s what you should do if you’re planning to stay for a while; Because it is usually much cheaper than hotels. and you will be able to cook and have your laundry done in the apartment.

  • Being more flexible:

If you can be more flexible and open to new things according to your destinations, you have the opportunity of taking cheaper options.

Thus, you will often save lots of money, like drinking the local kind of wine or riding the country’s most used transportation facilities instead of renting a car. 

  • Stay put and enjoy:

Considering stay put in the visited country, you will not only saving more money on the transportation and accommodation, but also you will take an advantage of experiencing the visited country’s culture, meet and interact with the locals, dine in local small restaurants.

Cheapest way to travel overseas
Dining at local Restaurants

Of course it is very interesting to try and see as much as possible in the visited country by being always moving. But, it’s not sure that you will also get a good sense of what the country is like. 

Wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your trip.