Busch Gardens : 10 Themed Park You Will Never Get Bored

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Situated about 75 miles west of Orlando is the Busch Gardens, in Tampa, Florida, this theme park provides an aesthetic image about Africa.

Themed areas in The Busch Gardens

The Busch Gardens are set around 10 different themed areas that include savannahs, jungle and even pyramid features, so there’s something for the whole family to enjoy here.  

America’s top zoo

Although animals are a great focal point in the park, it is home to one of America’s top zoos.

Busch Gardens
One of America’s Biggest Zoo


Roller coasters

For those who want a little more excitement in their day, go ahead and try the different roller coasters in the park.

Busch Gardens
Roller Coasters

Seregenti Express railroad

For those who aren’t quite up to the daring roller coaster rides, there’s the Seregenti Express railroad that will take you through some areas of the park, and an 8 minute land rover experience that will leave you exhilarated but not shaking!


The Sky Ride Cable Car

If you aren’t afraid of heights, the Sky Ride Cable Car will give you a wonderful overview of the park below you.

Busch Gardens
The Sky Ride Cable Car

Animal Nursery

Younger members of the family will love the Animal Nursery located in the Nairobi sector of the Busch Gardens.  Here they’ll find baby birds, and other animals plus a petting zoo – there are primates in this area also with apes and chimps vying for visitor attention.

Busch Gardens
Animal Nursery Behind The Scenes

Checkout the park daily schedule

 For anyone who wants a closer experience with the animals, check out the daily schedule for visitor participation feeding and training encounters.  

Behind the scenes tour

Another must do for those who like to get off the main beaten track is a behind the scenes tour – these take approximately 4-5 hours and you’ll find information about times and locations in the park, or ring the park in advance for more details.  

Busch Gardens
Behind The Scene Tours

Multi park entry

As with all theme parks, entrance isn’t cheap, but it’s a great day out with a very authentic feel and if you intend going to other parks such as SeaWorld and/or Universal in Orlando, then you could considering buying a pass that will allow you multi-park entry at a reduced cost then paying for all entrance fees separately.