Australian Visa : all what you have to know about its types

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If you wish to go to Australia for a vacation or to go to the family, you may got to have associate degree Australian visa.

this text contains data on a number of the conditions you would like to satisfy so as to get associate degree Australian traveler or Family Visa.


Australian Visa

If you wish to vacation or visit family in Australia, unless you’re a replacement island national, you may got to acquire associate degree Australian visa before you travel.

the kind of visa you may like loosely depends on what you propose to try and do in Australia, your position and therefore the length of your time you wish to remain in Australia.

however, you may in all probability would like either associate degree Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor) or a traveler visa or a Sponsored Family traveler visa.

Australian Electronic Travel Authority

Whichever the case, you ought to apply for the total amount of your time that you simply wish to stay in Australia, as a result of once there, it’s doable that you simply are unable to increase your visa.

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (tourist) is simply because it sounds – electronic and thus you’ll not get a stamp or label in your passport.

however, don’t be concerned, the Australian immigration officers can have a record of your visa.

Australian Visa
Australian Visa

How to apply for Australian visa

You can apply for associate degree ETA (tourist) if you would like to remain for fewer than 3 months, if you’re outside Australia and hold a passport from one of the thirty-four eligible countries.

you may realize a full list of those on the Australian Department of Immigration and doctrine Affairs website.

however, enclosed ar most countries from Western Europe and Scandinavia, the USA and variety of so much jap countries.

special arrangements

There are special arrangements for voters of nations not on the eligible list.

associate degree ETA (Visitor) Visa is also obtained via an agent or associate degree airline, direct on the net or at associate degree Australian visa workplace in your country of residence.

there’s no charge for this sort of visa unless you apply over the net.

Australian Visa
Australian Visa

Australian visa – tourism

You may apply for a tourist Visa whether or not you’re within or outside Australia and therefore the length can typically be three or half-dozen months.

however, will typically touch twelve months if you’ll be able to prove your ability to support yourself throughout your keep.

Australian tourism visa

Applications for tourism Visas is also created via the net if you’re a passport holder of associate degree eligible country, or via a registered agent, airline or service supplier, a listing of which might be found on the website mentioned on top of.

A Sponsored Family traveler Visa could be applicable for stays between three and twelve months.

and to use you need to be outside Australia and have a sponsor inside Australia UN agency is a friend, a member of associate degree Australian parliament or an alternative authorized person.

Apply for Australian visa

To apply, you may be got to complete a kind, get an authorized copy of your passport and send it all to your sponsor in Australia.

Your sponsor can got to complete a distinct kind and create the applying on your behalf, causation all the work to the applicable workplace.

Anyone UN agency isn’t eligible to use for associate degree ETA traveler or traveler Visa over the net will complete a paper application which might be armored to specific offices of the Australian government overseas.

Australian Visa
Australian Visa


Australian Visa – Business Visits

If you would like to go to Australia on business, even for a really short amount of your time, you may got to apply for the associate degree Australian visa.

this text provides some basic details of the 3 styles of business visa accessible.

There are 3 styles of visa accessible for business visits to Australia. It ought to be noted that a business visit isn’t identical as “working” within the context of applying for an associate degree Australian visa.

Business Electronic Travel Authority

The first could be a Short keep Business Visa that is appropriate for a visit of but 3 months.

this can cowl a business person for traditional business conferences, negotiations, and conferences and should be applied for through their chosen airline or via the net.

this can be a Business Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). as an alternative, applications are also created in writing.

Australian Visa
Australian Visa

Australian business visa – short stay

The second variety of business visa could be a Sponsored Business traveler (short stay) Visa.

so as to qualify for this sort of visa, a business person can got to be sponsored by a member of the associate degree Australian parliament, associate degree authorized office, native civil authority or alternative authorized organization.

and therefore the sponsor can got to guarantee that their traveler can abide by all the visa conditions together with that specifies the date that they have to leave the country.

Australian Business Visa – long stay

The third business visa could be a Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa.

to use for one of these, associate degree soul should have associate degree approved leader as a sponsor UN agency has associate degree eligible position accessible.

The leader is often associate degree Australian or overseas company and therefore the worker should be an overseas national with the applicable skills to fill the position.

The eligible position should are approved as a talented occupation appropriate for this program, should be full time and of a minimum pay still as meeting numerous Australian laws and award needs.

Australian Visa
Australian Visa


Australian working visa

However, before the worker will apply for a visa, the leader can got to apply to be a sponsor of overseas workers and nominate the work vacancies to be crammed.

The nomination amounAvailable Toolst is twelve months or till all the vacancies are crammed, whichever is that the shorter.

The support is for an amount of two years and therefore the visa amount is also something from three months to four years.

However, if the worker needs to vary employment, he can got to realize a replacement approved sponsor with associate degree eligible position and re-apply for a visa.

Full details of all the on top of are often found on the Australian Department of Immigration and doctrine Affairs web site.