10 Things to do in Dublin : Join the runners and riders!

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Many things to do in Dublin guidelines are listed here in the 10 must-dos when in Dublin.

Few places around the world lend a friendlier hand than Dublin. The Emerald Isle offers wonderful hospitality, complemented by its warm and friendly hosts. A cosmopolitan city, Dublin is rightly proud of its rich heritage, but also presents a modern face in keeping with contemporary culture.

Things to do in Dublin

1. Trinity College

  Dating back to 1592 the Queen Elizabeth I, gives her orders to build this college. It houses the Book of Kells, a near two-century old manuscript written by monks, Trinity College is Dublin’s oldest university..

things to do in Dublin
Trinity College


2. Christ Church Cathedral

It’s Dublin’s oldest building dates back nearly one thousand years to 1028. It was built courtesy of the invading Vikings, was build on a high ground for the overlooking of the Viking settlement at Wood Quay. A powerful monument to serve a powerful army.

things to do in Dublin
Christ church cathedral


3. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was first founded as a major defensive work by Meiler Fitzhenry on the orders of King John of England in 1204. The castle nowadays is a major tourist attraction and conferencing destination.It’s a wonderful example of medieval architecture. Magnificent painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers portray the Ireland of one thousand years ago.

things to do in Dublin
Dublin castle


4. National Gallery of Ireland

 It houses the national collection of Irish and European art. it dates back to 1854. Monet and Picasso are just two of the influential artists on display in the city’s largest gallery. It contains Irish, italian and dutch paintings as well. A number of 2,500 paintings gives a flavor of a historic past and present.

things to do in Dublin
National gallery


5. Guinness Storehouse

The building in which the Storehouse is located dates back to 1902 as a fermentation plant for the St. James’s Gate Brewery, where the yeast is added to the brew. In 1997, it was converted into the Guinness Storehouse. and in a live installation demonstrating the modern brewing process is explained to visitors.


6. Temple Bar

It is famous by a lively nightlife that is popular with tourists.It also contrasting Dublin’s historic ancestry, Temple Bar brings the city right up to modern day with its variation and mixed kinds of bars, restaurants, shops and art galleries.

things to do in Dublin
Temple bar


7. Smith field Village

 It dates back to the mid 17th century as a marketplace, until its renovation in the early 21st Century. you can find restaurants and shops. . A walk to the top of the Chimney presents panoramic views of Dublin.


8.Grafton Street

It is one of the two main shopping streets in Dublin city. You can find the biggest name department stores trade alongside local craft shops in the busiest shopping area of Dublin. Traditional Irish gifts and souvenirs can be found more easily in the adjacent Nassau Street.

things to do in Dublin
Grafton Street


9. Pint of Guinness

No visit to Ireland will be a complete visit without a tipple of the world famous Irish Guinness. Locals say it tastes better in its home city. Well, there’s only one way to find out!


10. Irish Grand National


things to do in Dublin
Irish grand national


It is a National horse race in Ireland where you can smell the money among the punters present at one of the great sporting events of the calendar. Join the runners and riders during the month of April to witness the Irish Grand National.